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GLAZ. di Alessandro Zuanni

Development of an integrated and synergic solution for implementing outdoor and indoor upgrading works on existing building by means of  high-performance energy shells capable of containing the new plant equipment and at the same time of re-modelling the building shape. This solution allows the existing building shell to be partially or wholly maintained, conferring a contemporary architectural look to the building itself while, in addition, improving the quality of the shell. 

Green Code

Green Code is a company dedicated to the development of environmental technologies. Backed by a strong multidisciplinary component, the G-code products are the result of the union between traditional strategies and hi-tech disciplines, such as biochemistry and environmental engineering.

Green Pear

Green Pear designs and builds technology  systems for monitoring energy consumption of residential and small commercial buildings. The main feature of these solutions is the identification and reduction of energy inefficiencies in a simple, low-cost way.

Green Prefab

Greenprefab is elaborating a management system for the life cycle of products in the construction branch. The platform, developed by the company and based on cloud computing, allows projecting and construction of a new generation of sustainable and prefabricated buildings.



Winner of the Best Company prise in the competition "A new social wave" Idea TRE60.

Green4Life provides economically beneficial and sustainable solutions to the problems of high petrolium prices, climate changing gases, and overconsumption of water: microalgea production.


The company provides services and consulting in eco-design in areas such as ecosustainable architecture and urban design. It also designs and markets of ecosustainable products and publishes books on green economy and similar topics.

GRETELIT (GREen TEchnology Lab ITalia)

GRETELIT is a research center focused on radical approaches to green building: the exclusive use of natural materials.


The goal of & CO. PANEL is to recover production waste to transform it into circular resources in the form of eco-sustainable panels, with the aim of creating beauty through the enhancement of waste. & CO. PANEL addresses the B2B to create non-toxic materials for interior design. & CO. PANEL is a brand of HENRY & CO. SRL

HTC Bio Innovation

HTC Bio Innovation promotes the use of an innovative and sustainable technology, simple to be implemented, to directly convert wet lignocellulosic residues, in a solid material (called Greenpeat), which can be utilized as a soil improver. In particular, the Greenpeat improves the plants growth and reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and water, in full agreement with the European concept of Circular Economy. Greenpeat is a carbonaceous material with a high adsorbing capacity, able to enhance the microbial activity in the soil. is a web portal that creates direct contact between farms and consumers interested in thoughtful consumption, creating local value, purchasing local products, and knowing the origin of products.



iGreenGo - Adapt EV

In our cities and in our countryside there are many environments of high naturalistic, landscape and historical-cultural value, usable only by the owners (eg: monumental garden of a stately villa, internal courtyard of a house in a historic village, vineyards with fruit trees, a beach apparently inaccessible).

Il Cerchio Vivo

“Il Cerchio vivo”(The Live Circle) is a feminine cooperative that has 3 members: Monica Gasperini, Giovanna Zenatti, Lidia Chini. 

The company has been pre-incubated in Greehouse at Progetto Manifattura and intends to have a positive impact on reducing the environmental impact of disposable nappies by developing a rental and washing service of disposable nappies with delivery and home delivery, addressed to both private and Facilities such as nurseries and RSA.

Is Clean Air

ISCLEANAIR is engaged in improving the quality of air people breathe every day. In order to achieve this goal, it has launched into the market a product called APA (Air Pollution Abatement). 


ISCLEANAIR is engaged in improving the quality of air people breathe every day. In order to achieve this goal, it has launched into the market a product called APA (Air Pollution Abatement). 

Italian Stories

(i) is aims to create a marketplace that matches global supply and demand of high quality and eco-sustainable Italian artigianal goods. The projet will create an e-commerce platform that goes beyond a mere storefront for products to tell the stories of the artisans and the places things are made. It provides a way to buy products, but also deepens knowledge of the places where the products are made.

John Mile

John Mile is an intuitive and effective tool for finding and practicing new sports activities. The aim is to bring together sportsmen of all ages, physical abilities and level of preparation; To do this, a platform was created to find sporting activities suited to your needs, compare the various proposals, join in groups to practice sports together with other people and buy equipment and sportswear.


LOCOM is a consulting firm with professionals specializing in the design and development of strategic projects for Sustainable Management for Enterprises and Public Administrations. It collaborates with companies, partners, professionals and university centers for the constant development of know-how on corporate social responsibility issues.
Consulting and Services for Integrating Sustainability in Enterprise Strategies.


LoveThePlanet is the first network of Italian companies totally dedicated to sustainability. It represents a landmark for all those organizations, both public and private, which are developing and implementing new decisional and behavioural models in order to sustain sustainability and try to reduce the impact of human activities on the eco-system.

Microx srl

MICROX is an innovative start-up deals with the development of microfluidic lab on chip (LOC) technologies applications to environmental and energy sectors. LOC microfluidic technologies are based on the construction of portable microdevices, reliable and accurate that allow to carry out analyzes and measurements of chemical, biological and environmental parameters at a microscale. These technologies are collecting great interest for their applications in environmental and energy sectors.


MobiRev creates and manages a platform for eco-sustainable transporation that makes it easier to use public transport services. The platform lets you plan your trip using a variety of transport and lets you purchase tickets using a mobile device.