Progetto Manifattura is a business innovation center that focuses on green building, renewable energy, technologies for the environment and management of natural resourcesThis project is creating an industrial cluster specialized in clean technology by building a business campus to serve professionals and light industry who are working in the target sectors. Companies that locate at Progetto Manifattura receive a number of benefits, including market research, training, technical assistance, and networking. The spaces offered to companies provide an excellent environment that offers the most recent possibilities in terms of architecture, engineering, systems and energy.

On nine hectares of a former tobacco factory Progetto Manifatttura has found a home. Beyond providing companies with space to work, the project offers an ecosystem for growth by providing:

  1. Affordable rent on ready-to-use space
  2. Consulting services and training
  3. Market research tools and knowhow
  4. Marketing and promotion activities for the cluster
  5. Sharing of business culture and knowhow
  6. Assistance in finding financing
  7. Training Programme "Green Innovation Academy"

> Greenhouse Full

> Greenhouse Flex

> Greenhouse International

> Innovation Factory


For more detailed information, see the specific offerings in this section or contact Progetto Manifattura at