Progetto Manifattura currently has only the following job opportunities. Candidates should send a Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae by email to info@progettomanifattura.it.


High level objectives

  • Assist in general with all project activities
  • Help support incubating companies

Learning opportunities

  • Acquire technical and operational skills in general company management
  • Analyze and understand the local context and the organizations of the province of Trento
  • Learn to handle a variety of objecties aimed at resolving problems
  • Improve your ability to work within a team


  • Students in Economics and Business
  • Students in Law
  • Students in Communications or similar

The internship lasts about 4 months. We ask you to be present for at least 20 hours per week.

Candidates should send a letter of interest and Curriculum Vitae to: info@progettomanifattura.it.