Greenhouse Flex


In today’s highly competitive, globalized market, creating a new business from scratch isn’t easy. Oftentimes, new entrepreneurs start companies while still conducting other activities. That’s why Progetto Manifattura is offering a truly flexible support program for a fee of just 30 euros per month for up to 12 months.

The value added services of the Flex formula are almost identical to the Greenhouse Full formula, but provides a more flexible office format. With Greenhouse Flex, spaces are not permanently assigned, but provided in an shared, open space area. This formula is for people who like the idea of co-working, a concept that is spreading around the globe.

The program welcomes new companies (less than 2 years old) as well as aspiring entrepreneurs interested in guidance and help to set up businesses in the areas of green building, renewable energy and technologies for monitoring the environment and managing natural resources.

The selection process for joining the program is simple, clear, and fast:

  • Use the request form to describe how your idea adheres to the three areas of interest: green building, renewable energy, and technologies for monitoring the environment and for managing natural resources.
  • Progetto Manifatttura rapidly evaluates requests (at most 2 weeks). If accepted, you will be offered a 12-month service contract that includes the space and services described in the following table.

Companies that join the program are asked to:

  • Participate in the training, support and tutoring programs offered by Progetto Manifatttura that aim to help the entrepreneur increase his or her understanding of business culture and potential for success.
  • Participate proactively and constructively in community activities promoted by Progetto Manifattura in order to promote a lively, dynamic cluster that supports creativity.

Services included


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