Aziende insediate

A2A Rinnovabili SpA

A2A Rinnovabili develops, manufactures and manages systems, in particular photovoltaic systems, for the production of renewable energy. 

The company is part of the A2A Group, the biggest Italian multi-utility that is at the top of the energy, environment, heat, networks and smart cities sectors.


Abete develops innovative design and construction tools for sustainable architecture. The Abete team is working on a number of projects, including ECO-logics, a modular system for building structures in wood.

AGSM Verona SpA

It is a holding company in the energy sector. Directly or through its subsidiaries AGSM deals with energy production 
(wind, hydroelectric, photovoltaic, cogeneration, district heating), distribution, marketing (energy, gas).

AleDima Studio

AleDima Studio’s activity consists in designing, producing and commercializing furniture and gadgets using recycled materials.  The studio is specialized in couches and accessories made of recycled publicity posters for public and private spaces, indoor and outdoor.

Anodica Trevigiana

It develops and manufactures aesthetic components for household appliances, such as handles, knobs, profiles, buttons in aluminum and combinations of metals and plastics. The office in Progetto Manifattura transforms the production in a circular economy perspective.


Asja is an International group of companies working in the field of renewables, energy efficiency and climate-altering greenhouse gas emission reduction. Established in 1995, Asja has been growing exponentially ever since, building specialist know-how to handle all the issues related to clean energy generation by means of cutting edge technologies, ensuring full compliance with domestic and international standards. 


Aureoo is a network for cultural innovators where to meet in a new manner and cooperate within the convicition that sharing one's ideas help to build bigger ideas. In this environment culture is lived best generating inedited connections in order to expand the cultural horizon of people. 

Azienda Solare Italiana

It belongs to an important group - Antin Solar Investments - which operates in the production of energy from renewable sources, especially photovoltaics with a dozen plants in central and southern Italy.