Aziende insediate

Cambria srl

Cambria is a company established in Trentino. It operates in the research, manufacturing, and marketing of technological innovations in the field of wooden buildings. Cambria’s products are sustainable throughout their whole life cycle. Their core is built using prefabricated walls, wooden building units, manufactured with special machinery and by fully exploiting the know-how of the company and its production lines. Cambria’s core business lies in the manufacturing of bio-structural building components.


The goal of CarboREM is to design and build industrial plants for the recovery of organic waste and residual wet biomass through an innovative process of exploitation of wet organic waste (eg sewage sludge, organic fraction of municipal solid waste, agricultural, agro-industrial and zootechnical residues) called hydrothermal conversion. This process transforms the waste into a solid carbon material, the hydrochar, which can be used:

1) as a biofuel for the production of energy;

2) as soil improver;

Caretta Technologies R&D S.r.l.

Caretta produces rubber powder by recycling automotive tyres using high pressure water jet. The product is useful as recycled additive to thermoplastic composites.

Centro di Riuso Permanente

This "Center of permanent re-use" is aiming at the transformation of trash in the possibility of re-use, changing in this way the model of production and consuming towards sustainability. CRP wants to be a place where people can spend their leisure time approaching sustainability through the re-use entering directly in the transformation process supplying objects which are not used any more or purchasing objects in the center.


Development of wooden photovoltaic shelters for the recharging of pedal assisted bicycles and vehicles for sustainable mobility.


Four professionals in the fields of engineering and arts created the brand Clem33Creations in order to develp a fashion project which combines sustainability, art, technology, to obtain a fashion production of high quality respecting nature and using exclusively Italian manufacturers and materials.

Curious about the use of natural sustainable materials and the processes of working with waste and vegetal remains, Clem33Creations creates leather goods and fashion accessories. 


Quattro figure professionali nel campo dell'ingegneria e dell'arte, costituitesi nel brand Clem33Creations,  stanno sviluppando un progetto di moda che si prefigge di coniugare il green, l'arte e la tecnologia,  per ottenere una produzione  fashion di alto valore qualitativo, nel pieno rispetto della natura, con manodopera e materiali rigorosamente italiani.


Climalia is the first Italian start-up company providing specialized services on climate adaptation and resilience offering consultancy services such as:


Collective - designed and hand printed in Italy is a handicraft textile printing atelier with a skilled team of designers, illustrators and craftsmen. We use the traditional silk-screen printing method with a loom and water-based non-toxic inks.

CREA CasaREAttiva

CREA is introducing a new business model in the building retrofit market which is based on a turkney retrofit service managed by a general contractor connected directly to the producers and the final users.


CyberFed is a European start-up, producing extremely innovative professional applications for drones. Taking a cue from the cybernetic theory of self-regulation and machines transmission of information, the company aims to help private and public enterprises to increase their productivity and security, reduce the costs and pollution and improve people's lives.