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Cambria is a company established in Trentino. It operates in the research, manufacturing, and marketing of technological innovations in the field of wooden buildings. Cambria’s products are sustainable throughout their whole life cycle. Their core is built using prefabricated walls, wooden building units, manufactured with special machinery and by fully exploiting the know-how of the company and its production lines. Cambria’s core business lies in the manufacturing of bio-structural building components. The innovation brought about by the company has been possible thanks to its ancient knowledge in the use of wood for building purposes, as well as new approaches for the analysis of performance and current needs.

Company's strengths: 

100 years of experience in the wooden construction industry. Simplicity, design, and soundness of its buildings. Italian patent with international extension on its products and machinery. Exportability of its system, which allows for a sharp reduction in the economic costs and the environmental impact caused by transport. Cambria’s building system can be adapted to different economic needs. Research and development activities carried out in collaboration with the best local universities, recognised also at an international level (University of Trento and CNR - National Research Centre).

Activity area: 
Manufacturing and marketing of technological innovations of wooden buildings
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