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The goal of & CO. PANEL is to recover production waste to transform it into circular resources in the form of eco-sustainable panels, with the aim of creating beauty through the enhancement of waste. & CO. PANEL addresses the B2B to create non-toxic materials for interior design. & CO. PANEL is a brand of HENRY & CO. SRL

HTC Bio Innovation

HTC Bio Innovation promotes the use of an innovative and sustainable technology, simple to be implemented, to directly convert wet lignocellulosic residues, in a solid material (called Greenpeat), which can be utilized as a soil improver. In particular, the Greenpeat improves the plants growth and reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and water, in full agreement with the European concept of Circular Economy. Greenpeat is a carbonaceous material with a high adsorbing capacity, able to enhance the microbial activity in the soil.