Aziende insediate

R? di Rocio Del Pilar B.

R? designs spaces by re-contextualizing and reconfiguring discarded objects.


REbuild is a platform for Italian construction innovation, recognized in the construction market as a reference player capable of anticipating and characterizing the national debate on the future of construction.

REciclo Vending

REciclo Vending handles recycling, specifically targeting the process of household waste separation and the commercialization of waste materials.


Using loop heat pipe technology, Renees has developed innovative solar thermal panels with a bright chrome plating. These panels are called CoolActiveWall. Loop heat pipe technology is used to remove heat from computer boards. Renee' team applied this technology to solar panels, obtaining a series of patents. The solar thermal panel developed is particularly suitable for wall integration, and compared to traditional solar thermal panels it provides the following advantages:

Rete del Riuso e delle buone Pratiche

Rete del Riuso e delle buone Pratiche (Reuse and best practices network)  is creating a web platform to share and incentivate ecosutainable practices and activities.


The activity of Ri-Legno consists in monitoring, check-ups, control and renewals of wooden premises. 

RQUADRO di Renato Klaser

Design, construction and commercialization of timber buildings for living or commercial purposes.


RTR is the main independent solar platform in Italy and one of the largest operators in Europe. The installed capacity of their 134 plants, present throughout Italy, is 334MW.


myRuBlock is a modular system for temporary structures that allows you to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces to your liking, with blocks that have the same logic as Lego, but allow you to build large shapes and structures. This product meets a specific need, that of recycling ELTs (end-use tires) and it is precisely with this waste material that bricks are made.