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Physis Srl

Design and development of a modular process for the management and disposal of the wastes related to sanitary absorbent products (SAP) - such as diapers, incontinence diapers, and tampons - featuring an energy and material recovery system that allows for the reuse and recovery of second generation polymers. Consultancy service for the management of the collection and analysis of waste production areas. Infrastructural engineering.


Spinoff by Zeltenstudio, a design and graphic studio, promotes new forms of collaboration between green companies, companies and students and between companies and professionals to create innovative projects.
One of the research topics is the study and development of analogical projects / objects, with a form of natural interaction and with hidden technology, to help learning [learning by doing] and to simplify the carrying out of complex activities.

The name Playde derives from the word play (play / learning) and design.


Products New Generation (PNG)

PNG is creating a new boiler based on microwave energy. The PNG boiler is able to increase heating system efficiency and consumes a minimum quantity of electricity.

Progetto Light

The idea of Progetto Light is to design and build temporary modular structures, energetically autonomous, for short/mid- terms kinds of usage. The main feature of such structures regards their independent electricity supply, as they are powered by photovoltaic panels. The main target of Progetto Light are emergency situations arising after critical events like floods, earthquakes, as well as NGO activities.