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Asja is an International group of companies working in the field of renewables, energy efficiency and climate-altering greenhouse gas emission reduction. Established in 1995, Asja has been growing exponentially ever since, building specialist know-how to handle all the issues related to clean energy generation by means of cutting edge technologies, ensuring full compliance with domestic and international standards. 

For over 20 years, Asja has been designing, building and operating cutting-edge renewable fueled power plants in Italy and abroad, with special focus on the South American Countries and China. With a fleet of 51 fully operational biogas/biomass fueled plants, windfarms and PV systems totaling 200 MW of installed capacity, Asja can generate over 580 GWh of green energy every year, enough to fulfill 860,000 people’s energy demand. Asja is also active in micro-cogeneration: indeed, Asja regards investing in new technologies targeting energy saving and efficiency as a priority. In this context Asja produces and commercializes highly efficient micro-cogenerators TOTEM.

Activity area: 
Renewable energies, energy efficiency
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