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Muteki Energy Srl

Muteki Energy is an Italian designer and producer of LED illumination systems for internal, external, and industrial use.


MyHumus is a blog talking about environment and ecology. But it is also a journey among people and realities of the Italian territory.

Nanomnia srl

Nanomnia is an innovative startup enterprise operating in the nano and microtechnology field. Nanotechnologies play the role as fundamental driver for technological innovation and growth, and are widely recognized as key enabling technologies leading to a wide range of innovative industrial applications. 


Innovative and simple solutions for environmental monitoring: the use of these instruments allows the monitoring and the safeguard of vegetal productions in every sector, maximising the profitability.

The company modifies following its proper or its client's input the photocameras available on the market to enable them to produce immages in false colours (infrared and infrablue).


Network is an international research & development institute with special attention for matters connected with sustainable energy, energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. The company also carries out energetic audits, network-flow-studies in many fields like internet, social networks up to electric nets, and is numbered among important international organisms like GSE, Enel and CNR.

NeveXN Srl

NeveXN builds and leases vacuum heat pumps that use biomass and solar energy to produce artificial snow at temperatures above 0°C. The systems can also desalinate water or be used in refrigeration and air conditioning.


The "NewCold" is the one generated with extremely low consum and with respect for the environment. It is according to this principle that NewCold is offering a monitoring system smartly modulated for the consum of industrial refrigeration plants saving from 10 to 20 % of electricity and obtaining in the meantime proportioned lower carbon emissions.

Nextec srl

Nextec’s business project is based on the manufacturing and marketing of turbo-generators that can recover heat from heating sources - even small-sized ones - and turn it into medium- and low-voltage power.

Nojolia - Abbigliamento per stare in libertà

Children like to feel free. The Nojolia clothes are made to be free: every movement becomes easy and enjoyable. Our pants are the result of continuous and passionate research. Nojolia is a small project, beautiful and handmade. For this it is really in tune with the world of the smallest, and accompanies them over time naturally.

Nojola abbligliamento is a line created by designer Janne Geyer: sustainability and German manufacturing quality - Italian passion for fashion, materials and colors.


OpenMove is a startup who has created a method to simplify the employment of public transport means through an application available for smartphones. It consists in a quick and economic way to pay for bus, train and parking. Through this application the best available rate will be paid, and many special offers from the commercial partners of OpenMove allow free of charge services. 

Orange Fiber

This startup - created in 2014 - has a project aiming at the creation of sustainable and vitaminic fabrics from citrus waste. They want to transform citrus waste – currently estimated in 700.000 tons a year just in Italy – in a sustainable and vitamin-enriched textile that would represent a brand new opportunity for italian tradition in high quality textiles and fashion.

Phononic Vibes

Phononic Vibes introduces a new patented technology with exceptional performances for the isolation of vibrations and noise, in full optics of circular economy. 

Physis Srl

Design and development of a modular process for the management and disposal of the wastes related to sanitary absorbent products (SAP) - such as diapers, incontinence diapers, and tampons - featuring an energy and material recovery system that allows for the reuse and recovery of second generation polymers. Consultancy service for the management of the collection and analysis of waste production areas. Infrastructural engineering.


Spinoff by Zeltenstudio, a design and graphic studio, promotes new forms of collaboration between green companies, companies and students and between companies and professionals to create innovative projects.
One of the research topics is the study and development of analogical projects / objects, with a form of natural interaction and with hidden technology, to help learning [learning by doing] and to simplify the carrying out of complex activities.

The name Playde derives from the word play (play / learning) and design.


Products New Generation (PNG)

PNG is creating a new boiler based on microwave energy. The PNG boiler is able to increase heating system efficiency and consumes a minimum quantity of electricity.

Progetto Light

The idea of Progetto Light is to design and build temporary modular structures, energetically autonomous, for short/mid- terms kinds of usage. The main feature of such structures regards their independent electricity supply, as they are powered by photovoltaic panels. The main target of Progetto Light are emergency situations arising after critical events like floods, earthquakes, as well as NGO activities.


Q-field provides services for implementing and managing renewable energy systems, concentrating on  environmental issues and impacts on landscape. 

Quantum Energie

Quantum Energie is established as an energy service company with the goal to improve energy efficiency within the equipments and the buildings and offices of their customers. The most important operation field lies in agricultural and woody areas where local resources are employed to create renewable energies also in cogeneration. This is in the same time the solution to dispose of biomass which becomes in this way an economic and environmental advantage for the customer and the community.

REciclo Vending

REciclo Vending handles recycling, specifically targeting the process of household waste separation and the commercialization of waste materials.


Using loop heat pipe technology, Renees has developed innovative solar thermal panels with a bright chrome plating. These panels are called CoolActiveWall. Loop heat pipe technology is used to remove heat from computer boards. Renee' team applied this technology to solar panels, obtaining a series of patents. The solar thermal panel developed is particularly suitable for wall integration, and compared to traditional solar thermal panels it provides the following advantages: