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(i) is aims to create a marketplace that matches global supply and demand of high quality and eco-sustainable Italian artigianal goods. The projet will create an e-commerce platform that goes beyond a mere storefront for products to tell the stories of the artisans and the places things are made. It provides a way to buy products, but also deepens knowledge of the places where the products are made.

The basic idea of the project is to offer a sense of richness and depth by educating people about the facinating world of Italian artisans. In this sense, the Web site for promoting and selling products is a doorway to understanding and knowledge. The aim is to deepen interest in the product itself, to provide a learning experience for the buyer that is more akin to tourism. The buyer can contact the artisan to see the cultural environment and the territory that supports the production of goods. The project will select from the best candidate products by offering a panorama of italian artisans, paying special attention to traditional knowledge and looking for a sustainable way forward for "Made in Italy".

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Piattaforma web, artigianato
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