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ISCLEANAIR is engaged in improving the quality of air people breathe every day. In order to achieve this goal, it has launched into the market a product called APA (Air Pollution Abatement). 

APA uses an innovative technology enabling the abatement of air pollutants revealed in industrial and manufacturing facilities, as well as in urban areas, in particular in confined or semi-confined places (railway and metro stations, underground parking lots, shopping malls and galleries, airports and ports, pedestrian tunnels, etc.).

APA is a technology designed and developed to protect environment and people’s health. It is a unique system because it works with low levels of energy-consumption and it does not generate any kind of special waste. Furthermore, it works “at ground level”, in a distributed manner and upstream to polluting sources, thus creating areas of purified air where it is possible to safely work and breathe.

Should special needs arise or should the system be installed in specific areas, this product can be adapted to work directly on polluting sources, avoiding the emission of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

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Anti-inquinamento dell'aria
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