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Sinapsi srl

In 2004, SINAPSI has been created as a system integrator from the many years of experience of an engineering studio, and then began its development and production of hardware devices and software applications for the world of Home and Building automation.


To ship any object, family member, friend, or stranger, it was necessary to contact a professional courier or a public body to date. With SiWeGO you can contact not only professional couriers but also private citizens who want to optimize resources, be social and preserve the environment.

SiWeGO is a web platform (website and app) that connects unknown users to each other, with needs that fit into the mobility sector: those who want to ship with those who are willing to transport.


It produces a revolutionary snowshoe, born in the mountains for the experts in the sector. Compact, innovative and patented, Snowfoot is a new tool that allows 360 ° mobility on the most demanding winter terrains.

STOREH Energy Storage Technologies

It is an innovative startup that offers a system of energy storage and on-demand production of hydrogen. HOD, Hydrogen On Demand, solves the problem of intermittency and non-programmability of renewable sources by making seasonal energy storage possible. The system was designed and built starting from the needs of the industrial and domestic sectors: lower cost than current market solutions, scalability thanks to the complete independence of power and capacity, safety as there is no gas under pressure, sustainability thanks to the use of materials extremely widespread and recyclable.


It is an innovative start-up operating in the field of energy efficiency and in the redevelopment of the existing building heritage. The main object of the activities is the development of techniques and tools aimed at the rational use of energy and the reduction of the relative environmental impact.  

T-Trade Group

It deals with the design and production of complete solutions for packaging, labeling and industrial marking and is able to offer advanced and customized technological solutions, with innovative features and a corporate vision that embraces the green themes of reduction or zeroing of use of raw materials in favor of solutions that have a positive impact on the management of resources and waste.

Team Energy

Development of solutions to protect the environment, in particular a system for the control of parasites present in crops and/or food storage warehouses, ecological and with zero environmental impact.

Terra Institute

Terra Institute is a strategic consulting firm and a center of expertise for the development and integration of sustainability and innovation paths within companies and in society.

TN Servizi

Administrative, accounting and management control services, in particular for companies operating in the renewable energy sector, to which belong:  

Nisida E.R. 


It is an innovative startup providing services and additive solutions for the 4.0 industry.


It cultivates, produces and sells rare aromatic plants, small fruits, bio-fortified fruits and vegetables (without certain components and enriched with others) through the use of techniques for cultivation in aeroponics.


It is a start-up active in the development of innovative products dedicated to the transport of luggage.

The main features of Velot products are technical creativity, the possibility of aesthetic / functional customization and modular support accessories.

Volta Green Energy

Provision of Asset Management services to companies and businesses for the best efficiency in the management of electricity generation facilities from renewable sources in full compliance with the law and respect for the community and ethical principles.


The wind is a complex natural resource: the latest meteorological results show that the closer we get to the heart of the use of energy, namely the towns, the more the assumption of constant wind - which is the architecturale basis of all wind turbines - becomes unenforceable: irregularities and turbulence modify wind reference even every 2-3 minutes. The result is that the entire mini-wind market, which in urban areas has its natural installation environment, is now experiencing a critical and crucial moment in its development. 

Witted Srl | Technology & Design

Witted deals with habitat and biodiversity monitoring through new technologies. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are at the heart of the solutions developed at Witted to monitor remote natural places, better understand their dynamics and therefore help create targeted solutions to preserve them.