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Develops customized software solutions for information management in the Smart Grid field, for large / medium-sized utility subjects. All services and products are based on the SGAM model (Smart Grid Architecture Model), in particular on the IEC 61850 standard for the information model for the Power Exchange. The company is an active part in international technical standards committees (WG IEC).


Euleria, established as a Benefit Company in February 2021 and settled in BeFactory | Rovereto in July 2021, started in Trento in the first semester of 2020 with the aim of supporting, through medical services and devices, movement professionals (mainly physiotherapists and doctors in Motor Sciences) in creating effective and measurable rehabilitation programs for their patients, both in the rehabilitation center / clinic / hospital and remotely.


"EVclick, electric with a click!" is the gallery of brands and services in the world of electric mobility: a marketing and brokerage platform that enhances the sale and rental of electric vehicles, speeds up transactions between brands and users and creates a competent and specialized market.

The EVclick platform encourages the daily use of electric vehicles, helping to reduce pollution and protect the environment, for us and for the new generations.

Evo3 of Carlotta Cocco

Evo3 provides strategic technical support for the green building industry. Its solutions help companies manage people and the enviroment together.

Exida Development

Supply of techniques, methodologies, tools, training, consulting, testing, technical design to industrial companies, engineering companies and manufacturers who need solutions at the best cost for safety-critical systems.


The highly professional company in the sector of the doors for many years has given priority to environmental protection and energy saving to ensure maximum energy efficiency and excellent insulating properties of the doors and windows, and in collaboration with other companies in the sector it is building a family of innovative windows called "null" that will radically revolutionize and revolve the world of doors and windows. 

Feelera srl

Feelera is a reality born in March 2020 that offers a web platform capable of creating collaborative and sustainable supply chains that generate well-being and value for companies and the global ecosystem.
It creates tailor-made solutions to easily and transparently map the network of companies that form a supply chain and to demonstrate their impact on the surrounding environment.

GBC Italia - Green Building Council Italia

Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia) is a non-profit association that is part of the international GBC network. It is a member of the World GBC and partner of USGBC.

It deals with the development of plug-in solutions - consisting of hardware, software and sensors - based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques for the automatic control and optimisation of the production process of glass containers.

Green Construction Consulting

Green Construction Consulting is a service company based on the sustainability and resilience of buildings, from an economic, social and environmental point of view. Thanks to a team of advisors and senior consultants in a highly distinctive variety of complementary sectors, it composes packages of integrated services of high value for public and private clients.

Green Energy Storage

It is an innovative SME that is developing a new hydrogen battery aimed at the stationary renewable energy storage market. Based on patents filed in 2021, this innovative solution offers not only advanced performance, but is even greener, safer and cheaper than previous technology and competing technologies.

Groen Akkedis

Groen Akkedis is a young startup born from the combination of passion for the environment and energy that has the aim of creating products that allow you to use electricity from renewable sources in a streamlined way:


Habitech is Italy's nationally recognized cluster for green building, renewable energy, and sustainable transport. The cluster develops projects, offers services for innovation, as well as technical and commercial support for businesses.

Hergo Renewables Italia

The company is part of the Group Infrastrutture, which has been working for 50 years as an investor and consultant in the development and implementation of national and international projects in the field of renewable energy and protection of the environment, with an innovative approach shared with the communities they work with.

HK3 Lab

HK3 Lab is a startup active in R&D in Artificial Intelligence. It develops predictive models based on Deep Learning and data science tools capable of guaranteeing a high level of reproducibility in complex application solutions.


It proposes the full energy-saving upgrading of entire neighborhoods.

Starting from a census, or capillary energetic diagnosis, the company develops an ad hoc design of urban regeneration using local professionals and businesses, also created ex-novo in the territory.


The company started from the thirty-year experience of the founding members in the field of water treatment at the service of industry and communities with particular attention to the preservation of environmental heritage.


It is an innovative SME committed to supporting the transition to the circular economy by offering ad hoc services and innovative technologies that strengthen the environmental strategies of its customers, both in the field of end-of-life tires and in the Global Service field.

Leap Factory

Leap Factory is an innovative company founded in 2012 that develops, manufactures and distributes energy-efficient pre-engineered modular building systems. Advanced technology and made in Italy design come together in products of internationally recognized quality. The experience gained in extreme high-altitude achievements is used in the definition of original solutions in the residential, commercial and tourism sectors.

Macro Design Studio

Macro Design Studio provides consulting services in the areas of energy and environmental sustainability, supporting developers, designers, and construction companies.