Aziende insediate

Casa Natura

Casa Natura aims to recover the structural origins of building materials through a sustainable approach as a fundamental essence for a responsible social transformation linked to the world of construction.

CNP Dolomiti srl

The company deals with facility management, oriented to the management of heat and services for buildings and companies. With this in mind, CNP Dolomiti defines the times, methods and contents of the maintenance of plants, buildings and structures and coordinates the personnel in charge of the services, taking into account budget constraints and tender contracts.

COSBI | Foundation The Microsoft Research – University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology

Founded in 2005 COSBI (acronym for Computational and Systems Biology) is a non-profit foundation, whose shares are held 50 % by Microsoft Research and 50% by the University of Trento.

Cover App

The Cover App company has patented and produces "Cover App, the insulated sill in porcelain stoneware", a product particularly recommended for renovations.

Cover App is particularly useful and effective in the energy requalification of buildings by means of coat or not, as it allows the interruption of the thermal bridge created by the old windowsills made of various marble or stone.