NextPower II Italia srl

It is the Italian private equity fund NextPower II LP, managed by NextEnergy Capital Limited, a European leader in the investment and management of photovoltaic systems.The fund is focused on acquiring solar assets on the Italian market and has a capital asset of € 150m.
The company is part of an active group also in investments through specific solar assets in other countries (eg UK) and in the operational management of photovoltaic plants.

NIRIS by NeviCam

NIRIS is responsible for developing software for the supervision and control of technologically advanced systems, in sustainable mobility and in environmental and meteorological monitoring. The software, provided as services, incorporates advanced machine learning techniques for predictive maintenance and asset management.

Noivion Srl

Novion provides the manufacturing sector with a tool for deposition of thin films of very high quality. The company has a patent for a system called Ionized Jet Deposition (IJD) that makes it possible to create functional coverings at low cost.