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GBC Italia - Green Building Council Italia

Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia) is a non-profit association that is part of the international GBC network. It is a member of the World GBC and partner of USGBC.

It deals with the development of plug-in solutions - consisting of hardware, software and sensors - based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques for the automatic control and optimisation of the production process of glass containers.

Green Construction Consulting

Green Construction Consulting is a service company based on the sustainability and resilience of buildings, from an economic, social and environmental point of view. Thanks to a team of advisors and senior consultants in a highly distinctive variety of complementary sectors, it composes packages of integrated services of high value for public and private clients.

Green Energy Storage

It is an innovative SME that is developing a new hydrogen battery aimed at the stationary renewable energy storage market. Based on patents filed in 2021, this innovative solution offers not only advanced performance, but is even greener, safer and cheaper than previous technology and competing technologies.

Groen Akkedis

Groen Akkedis is a young startup born from the combination of passion for the environment and energy that has the aim of creating products that allow you to use electricity from renewable sources in a streamlined way: