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Macro Design Studio

Macro Design Studio provides consulting services in the areas of energy and environmental sustainability, supporting developers, designers, and construction companies.


Margherita is a company specialising in the manufacturing, development, and management of renewable energy generation plants. Margherita’s business activities focus on the design and manufacturing of new plants in Italy, as well as on the monitoring of the progress in the authorisation process needed to kick-off the implementation of projects.

Media System Lab

The company was founded in 1998 with an electronic microscopy project which is initially supported by the IT, hardware, software and assistance business. Subsequently, the interest shifts towards scientific instruments. The offer continues to expand to provide everything necessary to fill an electronic microscopy laboratory, from room preparation, to the electronic microscope to the aluminum stub.

Minimolla Design

Minimolla Design is a small cooperative that is sensitive to changes in consumption and lifestyles, always attentive to environmental sustainability and respect for production ethics.

Moncada Energy Group

To date, the group represents one of the leading Italian players in the production of energy from renewable sources, with particular reference to photovoltaic and wind power, with a power installed in wind turbines of 195 MW and in photovoltaic plants of 40 MW. Specifically, MRinnovabili plays the role of parent company and deals with the direct management of its assets as well as with services common to subsidiaries such as accounting, remote control, etc.