Aziende insediate

T-Trade Group

It deals with the design and production of complete solutions for packaging, labeling and industrial marking and is able to offer advanced and customized technological solutions, with innovative features and a corporate vision that embraces the green themes of reduction or zeroing of use of raw materials in favor of solutions that have a positive impact on the management of resources and waste.

Team Energy

Development of solutions to protect the environment, in particular a system for the control of parasites present in crops and/or food storage warehouses, ecological and with zero environmental impact.

Terra Institute

Terra Institute is a strategic consulting firm and a center of expertise for the development and integration of sustainability and innovation paths within companies and in society.

TN Servizi

Administrative, accounting and management control services, in particular for companies operating in the renewable energy sector, to which belong:  

Nisida E.R. 


It is an innovative startup providing services and additive solutions for the 4.0 industry.