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Ecobeton has been developing and marketing products and systems for the total protection of concrete and construction materials such as wood, terracotta and stone for more than twenty years. It also specializes in the microcement sector by creating low thickness ecological cementitious coatings, ideal for interior design with a modern and elegant style. Ecological yes, because mineral-based and non-resinous.


ENERGAID has been created to design and implement technologies for the transition towards sustainability and well-being using solutions the company owns and wants to create:


Energenius is a start-up with high know-how and technological content, arising from the operational synergy between certified Energy Manager and experienced engineers in measuring, recording, processing and analyzing energy measurements.
Energenius's mission is to transform energy consumption into a new and powerful competitive factor at the service of its Customers.

The strategic advantages guaranteed by Energenius:


Energy ltd. started in 2013 as an innovative startup within Progetto Manifattura and has rapidly developed to become an SME in advanced sectors such as photovoltaic storage systems and graphene-based innovative materials.

It is currently the second Italian operator for storage systems. In 2016, a startup was opened in Silicon Valley and in 2017 in New Delhi. Recently, Energy has made the dimensional leap into larger accumulation systems: from residential to industrial to microgrid.


Engagigo develops and manages «ENDU», a service platform dedicated to endurance sports, or endurance disciplines, which require prolonged efforts, such as running, cycling, triathlon, cross-country skiing, ski-mountaineering.


Develops customized software solutions for information management in the Smart Grid field, for large / medium-sized utility subjects. All services and products are based on the SGAM model (Smart Grid Architecture Model), in particular on the IEC 61850 standard for the information model for the Power Exchange. The company is an active part in international technical standards committees (WG IEC).


"EVclick, electric with a click!" is the gallery of brands and services in the world of electric mobility: a marketing and brokerage platform that enhances the sale and rental of electric vehicles, speeds up transactions between brands and users and creates a competent and specialized market.

The EVclick platform encourages the daily use of electric vehicles, helping to reduce pollution and protect the environment, for us and for the new generations.


Evo3 provides strategic technical support for the green building industry. Its solutions help companies manage people and the enviroment together.