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Energenius is a start-up with high know-how and technological content, arising from the operational synergy between certified Energy Manager and experienced engineers in measuring, recording, processing and analyzing energy measurements.
Energenius's mission is to transform energy consumption into a new and powerful competitive factor at the service of its Customers.

The strategic advantages guaranteed by Energenius:

  • Energenius helps businesses define more effective measurement policies, focusing on the most critical issues in the most important consumptions and discarding unnecessary measurements;
  • Energenius proposes energy management systems independent of the meter, enhancing existing metering in the field, avoiding unnecessary investments and above all allowing recording and archiving of data through any computer protocol: never more constraints with only one measurement system vendor;
  • Energenius makes the database of energy-efficient easy access through sophisticated control and analysis tools (locally and remotely) through an intuitive, versatile and easy-to-use energy navigation dashboard;
  • Energenius guarantees the support of its Energy Management Experts to analyze business measurements in order to extract value, finding more effective efficiency solutions.
Activity area: 
Energy saving
+39 0464 443355

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