Novion provides the manufacturing sector with a tool for deposition of thin films of very high quality. The company has a patent for a system called Ionized Jet Deposition (IJD) that makes it possible to create functional coverings at low cost. The company plans to provide turnkey tecnology and systems based on its proprietary technology, as well as provide consulting on developing processes and innovative materials thanks to the staff's long experience.

Thin films are surface coatings measured in a few nanometers (millionths of a millimeter) up to a few microns (thousandths of a millimeter). They are used in a variety of high technology applications from electronics to mechanics to improve or modify the functional properties of components and surfaces. IJD technique works well on any kind of material. The most developed applicaitons are:

  • transparent contucting films for photovoltaics, electronics, and displays
  • simiconductor films for photovoltaics and thin films
  • biocompatible filsm for imporving protheses and implants
  • films with elevated barriere and tribiological properties for protective and mechanical properties

IJD can subsitute for conventional techniques like evaporation and sputtering that are used in a number of industrial areas. It can also be used in other sectors where costs and results of existing techniques mean that thin films are not being used.

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Functional Coatings Thin Film
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