It is an innovative start-up operating in the field of energy efficiency and in the redevelopment of the existing building heritage. The main object of the activities is the development of techniques and tools aimed at the rational use of energy and the reduction of the relative environmental impact.  

It also offers a complete service that can support customers for:  

  1. the definition and implementation of the multi-objective monitoring system (e.i. energy consumption, comfort, air quality) 
  2. in situ measurements of the energy performance of plants and buildings 
  3. the acquisition and display of historical and / or real time data 
  4. the selection and monitoring of the main corporate performance indicators (EPI) 
  5. the analysis and the dynamic modeling of the system / process to identify critical issues and / or opportunities of the system 
  6. under examination definition, prioritization, planning and planning of interventions, estimation of costs accompanied by analysis of uncertainties and financial risk 
  7. multiscale energy analysis: plant, building, portfolio 
  8. the definition and implementation of advanced control logics for system optimization (e.g. Model predictive control, demand response, mix-mode ventilation strategies) 
  9. the coordination of commissioning and retro-commissioning projects 
  10. the implementation of systems for the predictive maintenance of the plants
Activity area: 
Energy efficiency
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