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To ship any object, family member, friend, or stranger, it was necessary to contact a professional courier or a public body to date. With SiWeGO you can contact not only professional couriers but also private citizens who want to optimize resources, be social and preserve the environment.

SiWeGO is a web platform (website and app) that connects unknown users to each other, with needs that fit into the mobility sector: those who want to ship with those who are willing to transport.

Over the last few years, a new kind of economy has emerged and is developing very important, not based on possession but on access to goods and services: the so-called "Sharing Economy". A new phase of the economy then, defined as "the era of access". In this type of economy, asset owners make them available "in the network" for shared use with a view to making them more efficient and beneficial for both owner and user. This phenomenon has been developed thanks to the growing and widespread diffusion of "mobile devices" and to a growing network of people, becoming "perennial".

This inevitably involved a steady increase in e-commerce because, being increasingly exposed to the network's opportunities, consumers have greater and better choice of products and services. But the explosion of e-commerce sites moves from the virtual world to the real world when the purchased goods need to be delivered to the legitimate owner.

In this context, and with these huge opportunities, the SiWeGO enterprise is integrated: a virtual platform that allows private users and professional transporters to share their own means of transport and their itinerary for the transport of material goods.

Activity area: 
Sharing economy - transport pooling
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