The wind is a complex natural resource: the latest meteorological results show that the closer we get to the heart of the use of energy, namely the towns, the more the assumption of constant wind - which is the architecturale basis of all wind turbines - becomes unenforceable: irregularities and turbulence modify wind reference even every 2-3 minutes. The result is that the entire mini-wind market, which in urban areas has its natural installation environment, is now experiencing a critical and crucial moment in its development. 

Windcity is a startup that has patented an innovative concept of a vertical axis for wind energy conversion, to make possible the production in all wind variables. "Geometry variable for wind variables" is the vision that has led to develop simple, inexpensive mechanical and disruptive enabling production which increases up to 60% more than traditional machines.

Sustainability: no energy input is required on the outside by new mechanics of the turbines, which is economic, marketable at the minimum price of existing technology, and integrated into smart grids in each city, from the metropoles that drive the world economy to islands and urban developing areas, where renewable energy available at low cost means socio-economic empowerment.

And scalability: technology now tested to 1300 W is playable on machines up to 100 kW. None of the competitors on an international scale has a turbine with the features integrated in Windcity, while Det Norske Veritas Germanischer-Lloyd recognizes that in wind farm innovation is living through the variable geometry: the market opens its interest at variable winds, and Windcity stands as first-mover.

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