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Minimolla Design

Minimolla Design is a small cooperative that is sensitive to changes in consumption and lifestyles, always attentive to environmental sustainability and respect for production ethics.


Design and development of solutions in the Agritech field with installation of sensors in the field, complete with software platform that integrates forecasting algorithms and activity log, custom IoT for the management and monitoring of company production processes and integration systems for Industry 4.0.

Moncada Energy Group

To date, the group represents one of the leading Italian players in the production of energy from renewable sources, with particular reference to photovoltaic and wind power, with a power installed in wind turbines of 195 MW and in photovoltaic plants of 40 MW. Specifically, MRinnovabili plays the role of parent company and deals with the direct management of its assets as well as with services common to subsidiaries such as accounting, remote control, etc.

NextPower II Italia

It is the Italian private equity fund NextPower II LP, managed by NextEnergy Capital Limited, a European leader in the investment and management of photovoltaic systems.The fund is focused on acquiring solar assets on the Italian market and has a capital asset of € 150m.
The company is part of an active group also in investments through specific solar assets in other countries (eg UK) and in the operational management of photovoltaic plants.


Collects data, learns from them and prevents risks and emergencies thanks to Machine Learning. Develops software for supervision and control in the Industrial IoT, critical infrastructure and agriculture sectors.


Novion provides the manufacturing sector with a tool for deposition of thin films of very high quality. The company has a patent for a system called Ionized Jet Deposition (IJD) that makes it possible to create functional coverings at low cost.


NoleggioElettrico is the first Italian network for the diffusion of shared electric mobility. Through its constantly evolving digital platform, NoleggioElettrico offers the possibility of renting an electric vehicle from 1 day to 5 years and sharing it with others when not in use, through the innovative RENTABLE formula, one can significantly reduce costs for mobility, for a more sustainable world.


This acronym stands for “New Construction Technique & Redevelopment”.


The company intervenes in Progetto Manifattura (BE-Factory) with the specific purposes of starting the production of microscope incubators and assisted fertilization products as well as developing new technologies and research projects specific to the relevant sectors.

Orobix Life

It develops artificial intelligence solutions and services to improve Life Science products and processes from predictive and personalized medicine to precision agriculture.


Oros works with its clients to provide innovative, functional green building solutions such as continuous facades and glazing. Their solutions integrate technologies that provide significant energy savings.


It starts from the design of buildings made with bio-sustainable materials and deals with the engineering, construction and renovation of civil and industrial buildings with bio-sustainable materials, licensee and holder of patents for natural insulating panels and innovative door openers.

Phononic Vibes

Phononic Vibes introduces a new patented technology with exceptional performances for the isolation of vibrations and noise, in full optics of circular economy. 


The company has created and patented a pavement system using stabilised gravel perfectly draining through a special hexagonal structure, free of infesting plants, particularly advisable for courtyards, alleys, parkings, bike paths etc.

Res Inergia

The Inergy Group is one of the most important players in the nation's domestic power generation sector.  It was founded in 2003 and has become the protagonist in the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Retail Capital

Operating in the clothing sector and in particular in the digitalization of the underwear market. In fact, Retail Capital has developed software that allows consumers to choose their sizes with greater precision through the use of a personalized avatar, self-constructed by the user using the scan of their body with their own device.

Robotic Evolution

The company has the specific purpose of developing new technologies relating to charging column systems for electric vehicles and ground and air vehicles (drones) useful for monitoring the state of crops (vineyards / apple orchards) and / or hydrogeological instability, equipped with a cooperating system with an AI system for mission management and peer to peer information exchange aimed at optimizing the resources used.

Siam & Logica

Since 2016, SIAM & LOGICA has undertaken a project for the creation of innovative monitoring systems for specific crops, which need special attention and specific treatments in order to maximize their yield, also in relation to the high commercial value that derives from it, such as vines, olive trees and fruit trees, with the aim of reducing the waste of resources in agriculture, optimizing the materials used and consequently a

Sinapsi srl

In 2004, SINAPSI has been created as a system integrator from the many years of experience of an engineering studio, and then began its development and production of hardware devices and software applications for the world of Home and Building automation.


To ship any object, family member, friend, or stranger, it was necessary to contact a professional courier or a public body to date. With SiWeGO you can contact not only professional couriers but also private citizens who want to optimize resources, be social and preserve the environment.

SiWeGO is a web platform (website and app) that connects unknown users to each other, with needs that fit into the mobility sector: those who want to ship with those who are willing to transport.