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Since 2016, SIAM & LOGICA has undertaken a project for the creation of innovative monitoring systems for specific crops, which need special attention and specific treatments in order to maximize their yield, also in relation to the high commercial value that derives from it, such as vines, olive trees and fruit trees, with the aim of reducing the waste of resources in agriculture, optimizing the materials used and consequently allowing a benefit for the environment.

The monitoring system consists of a network of field sensors capable of transmitting (with NB-IoT technology) the data collected to a simple application for the user and usable through the smartphone or tablet store, thanks to a specially developed user interface. The solution is based on a blockchain platform for the database and an App that offers a complete system of tools and information to precisely control the factors that contribute to determining the health of plants.

In this way it is possible to better manage the activities related to the control of the pathophysiological parameters of tree species, to implement any prevention activities for the onset of diseases that can cause significant damage, both in an agricultural context and in an urban context, in order to intervene in timely and targeted in case of need, monitoring environmental parameters in real time, setting alarm thresholds for critical deviations or analyzing time series to understand and anticipate trends.

SIAM & LOGICA is an entrepreneurial company specialized in the development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, operating on the market since 1996: thanks to the long experience gained and the numerous knowledge acquired, it creates IT solutions for companies in the Italian market in any sector. The company offers consulting and digital development services for companies, directly following the customer in all phases of designing and implementing a solution, from the analysis and study phases, to the start-up, training and after-sales support.

Activity area: 
Software solutions for IoT in agriculture
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