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Evo3 provides strategic technical support for the green building industry. Its solutions help companies manage people and the enviroment together.


The highly professional company in the sector of the doors for many years has given priority to environmental protection and energy saving to ensure maximum energy efficiency and excellent insulating properties of the doors and windows, and in collaboration with other companies in the sector it is building a family of innovative windows called "null" that will radically revolutionize and revolve the world of doors and windows. 

GBC Italia - Green Building Council Italia

Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia) is a non-profit association that is part of the international GBC network. It is a member of the World GBC and partner of USGBC.

Green Construction Consulting

Green Construction Consulting is a service company based on the sustainability and resilience of buildings, from an economic, social and environmental point of view. Thanks to a team of advisors and senior consultants in a highly distinctive variety of complementary sectors, it composes packages of integrated services of high value for public and private clients.

Green Energy Storage

The aim of the project is to develop an innovative, high-performance, low-cost electrical energy storage system in the form of a flow battery equipped with organic electrolytes and innovative components with a low content of noble metals. The technology being developed in the project will be developed in a 1 kW and 10 kW prototype.

Groen Akkedis

Groen Akkedis is a young startup born from the combination of passion for the environment and energy that has the aim of creating products that allow you to use electricity from renewable sources in a streamlined way:


Habitech is Italy's nationally recognized cluster for green building, renewable energy, and sustainable transport. The cluster develops projects, offers services for innovation, as well as technical and commercial support for businesses.

Hergo Renewables Italia

The company is part of the Group Infrastrutture, which has been working for 50 years as an investor and consultant in the development and implementation of national and international projects in the field of renewable energy and protection of the environment, with an innovative approach shared with the communities they work with.


It proposes the full energy-saving upgrading of entire neighborhoods.

Starting from a census, or capillary energetic diagnosis, the company develops an ad hoc design of urban regeneration using local professionals and businesses, also created ex-novo in the territory.

Macro Design Studio

Macro Design Studio provides consulting services in the areas of energy and environmental sustainability, supporting developers, designers, and construction companies.


Margherita is a company specialising in the manufacturing, development, and management of renewable energy generation plants. Margherita’s business activities focus on the design and manufacturing of new plants in Italy, as well as on the monitoring of the progress in the authorisation process needed to kick-off the implementation of projects.

Media System Lab

The company was founded in 1998 with an electronic microscopy project which is initially supported by the IT, hardware, software and assistance business. Subsequently, the interest shifts towards scientific instruments. The offer continues to expand to provide everything necessary to fill an electronic microscopy laboratory, from room preparation, to the electronic microscope to the aluminum stub.

Minimolla Design

Minimolla Design is a small cooperative that is sensitive to changes in consumption and lifestyles, always attentive to environmental sustainability and respect for production ethics.


To date, the group represents one of the leading Italian players in the production of energy from renewable sources, with particular reference to photovoltaic and wind power, with a power installed in wind turbines of 195 MW and in photovoltaic plants of 40 MW. Specifically, MRinnovabili plays the role of parent company and deals with the direct management of its assets as well as with services common to subsidiaries such as accounting, remote control, etc.

NextPower II Italia

It is the Italian private equity fund NextPower II LP, managed by NextEnergy Capital Limited, a European leader in the investment and management of photovoltaic systems.The fund is focused on acquiring solar assets on the Italian market and has a capital asset of € 150m.
The company is part of an active group also in investments through specific solar assets in other countries (eg UK) and in the operational management of photovoltaic plants.

NIRIS by NeviCam

NIRIS is responsible for developing software for the supervision and control of technologically advanced systems, in sustainable mobility and in environmental and meteorological monitoring. The software, provided as services, incorporates advanced machine learning techniques for predictive maintenance and asset management.


Novion provides the manufacturing sector with a tool for deposition of thin films of very high quality. The company has a patent for a system called Ionized Jet Deposition (IJD) that makes it possible to create functional coverings at low cost.

Nuova Saimpa

Since 1962, it has been operating in the molding sector of aesthetic items in thermosetting, thermoplastic, zamak, aluminum, steel and brass, with a specific focus on the market of knobs, handles, displays, covers and supports for household appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, hoods, kitchens , dishwashers and washing machines. It also stands out for the wide range of finishes such as brushed steel, soft touch, aluminum, brass, antiqued brass etc.


Oros works with its clients to provide innovative, functional green building solutions such as continuous facades and glazing. Their solutions integrate technologies that provide significant energy savings.


The company has created and patented a pavement system using stabilised gravel perfectly draining through a special hexagonal structure, free of infesting plants, particularly advisable for courtyards, alleys, parkings, bike paths etc.