With the arrivale of Muteki the number of startups in Progetto Manifattura's Greenhouse hits 16. Muteki designs and installs LED illumination systems for indoor, outoor and industrial uses.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:366:]]The products offered by Muteki are market-oriented and highly innovative. They use technoloiges that are entirely developed in Italy to provide high quality lighting, guaranteeing low consumption, reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses, and product recyclability.


This october at Progetto Manifattura we reached the mark of 100. That's the number of people working at the 21 companies who have offices in our green company incubation center.

It was the new entry Novion that pushed the green innovation factory over 100. Novion is developing a machine for deposition of functional thin film coatings. The company has a patent for a system of Ionised Jet Deposition (IJD) that makes this process function at a fraction of the cost of systems currently in use.

REbuild recently held a press conference with the help of the autonomous Province of Trento. Gianluca Salvatori, Progetto Manifattura's President and CEO, explains the main aims of the REbuild: National conference on Green Building Retrofits taking place in Riva del Garda in September 17-19, 2012.

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This September the city of Riva del Garda (TN) will host REbuild the national convention that will provide best practices, case studies, and experience that promise to transform Italy’s retrofit construction market.

The Greenhouse will soon be home to trehus s.r.l., a new company with a passion for wood structures.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:264:height=116,width=100]]Progetto Manifattura is participating at Roveret's Notte Verde (1-2 June), a green event organized by the city to promote the adoption of a more sustainable lifestyle.

On May 2 the presidents of the province of Tyrol (Austria), and the autonomous provinces of Alto Adige-Sudtirol and Trentino (Italy) signed a protocol in which they agreed that green buildings is an issue of primary importance for future cross-border collaboration between these three provinces. The goal of the accord is to create a virtual meta-cluster in support of green building that will make this Euregio of the "Europe of Regions" the European reference point for the sector.

Together with swisscleantech, the business association for sustainable and liberal market economy, FFGS is bringing the leading figures in the field of biomimicry to Switzerland.

The weak US building market coupled with rising demand for LEED-certified professionals has spawned a social enterprise called BOULD which partners with Habitat for Humanity and similar companies to build affordable eco-sustainable housing. Scarce availability for projects to train on means architects, designers, and contractors can’t get the experience required for certification.

According to a study published recently by the National Trust for Historic Buildings, retrofitting existing buildings is a winning proposition.

In an interview with the Seattle Times, Cascadia Green Building Council CEO Jason McLennan says that tearing down old buildings isn't necessarily the most sustainable option.

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