With Noivion, Progetto Manifattura incubation area reaches 100 workers


This october at Progetto Manifattura we reached the mark of 100. That's the number of people working at the 21 companies who have offices in our green company incubation center.

It was the new entry Novion that pushed the green innovation factory over 100. Novion is developing a machine for deposition of functional thin film coatings. The company has a patent for a system of Ionised Jet Deposition (IJD) that makes this process function at a fraction of the cost of systems currently in use.

Novion has its offices in the Greenhouse at Progetto Manifattura, the zone dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs plan and develop their business ideas. Entrepreneurs in the pre-incubation phase receive tutoring, training, and targeted assistance. Since opening in 2011 the Green House has grown to 18 companies.

The first 3,000 square meters of office space are now completely filled with companies. Starting in January 2012 Progetto Manifattura will have an additional 3,500 square meters of space for more companies that are already seeking to join Rovereto's green innovation factory.