PietraNet, azienda delle ghiaie drenanti insediata in Progetto Manifattura, ha da poco lanciato un innovativo servizio per aumentare la sostenibilità di grandi eventi e manifestazioni temporanee.

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L’ultima invenzione per contrastare il contagio da Covid-19 si chiama SynapsEES UV-IT ed è nata in Progetto Manifattura a Rovereto. Ad inventarla è stata infatti la startup innovativa SynapsEES che è insediata nell’hub green di Trentino Sviluppo dal 2017.

UpSens presents its innovative sensors WAVE and AIR, which help families and companies to monitor the air pollution and electrosmog levels at home, at work and on holidays. Through this portable devices it is possible to detect harmful electromagnetic fields or harmful gas emissions such as COV (volatile organic compounds) or CO (carbon monoxide), which can cause respiratory and degenerative diseases and increase the incidence of certain types of cancer. In order to limit electromagnetic waves, the sensors do not use the Wi-Fi module, but the less invasive wireless Bluetooth LE module.

Macro Design Studio architects Paola Moschini and Michele Paleari provide designers with a guide that helps them to find a responsible selection of sustainable products within the construction sector. Read more


Three of Progetto Manifattura’s companies – Baciditrama, Collective and volver – presented products and accessories made of sustainable and recycled materials at the “Trentino Network Donna green” fashion show.

Three of them in the "Innovation Factory", one settling in the Greenhouse. From wooden buildings to the philisophy of the makers with 3D printing. The creative family within Progetto Manifattura is growing with Anna Campetti's Collective, a handicraft textile printing atelier using the traditional silk-screen printing method with a loom and water-based non-toxic inks.

With the arrivale of Muteki the number of startups in Progetto Manifattura's Greenhouse hits 16. Muteki designs and installs LED illumination systems for indoor, outoor and industrial uses.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:366:]]The products offered by Muteki are market-oriented and highly innovative. They use technoloiges that are entirely developed in Italy to provide high quality lighting, guaranteeing low consumption, reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses, and product recyclability.


This october at Progetto Manifattura we reached the mark of 100. That's the number of people working at the 21 companies who have offices in our green company incubation center.

It was the new entry Novion that pushed the green innovation factory over 100. Novion is developing a machine for deposition of functional thin film coatings. The company has a patent for a system of Ionised Jet Deposition (IJD) that makes this process function at a fraction of the cost of systems currently in use.

The Greenhouse will soon be home to trehus s.r.l., a new company with a passion for wood structures.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:206:]]Bio Soil Expert, the company born from Premio D2T startup funding form Trentino Sviluppo, wins the “best Italian startup prize” in the agro-food section of AGRIstart Up, a competition promoted by Agriventure. Bio Soil Expert stood out over the 20 finalists and 100 projects that entered. The 30,000 Euro prize was presented by Intesa Sanpaolo general director Marco Morelli. Also present at the ceremony Mario Catania, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forests.

It was a great satisfaction for the three young entrepreneurs who started the company, which has developed a system for using plants and microorganisms to clean up contaminated soil, handle hydro-geological instability, and safeguard streams in agricultural areas. It’s a success that Bio Soil Expert will seek to capitalize on as it continues the process of incubation in Progetto Manifattura’s Green House.

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