New companies and projects: 30 initiatives at work in Progetto Manifattura

Three of Progetto Manifattura’s companies – Baciditrama, Collective and volver – presented products and accessories made of sustainable and recycled materials at the “Trentino Network Donna green” fashion show. The event took place in the Stone Columns room at Progetto Manifattura on Oct. 5.

Seelko got its start from the basic idea that best innovation in the energy field is to reduce consumption of electrical energy. The company is developing cogeneration systems integrated with biomass thermal generators. It is trying to create new technology standards reduce reliance on electricity.

Smart Districts, another new business, designs and develops software and Web applications for residential domotics.

Progetto Manifattura’s Greenhouse now includes a cluster of companies working on reuse and consumer awareness. The Permanent Center for Reuse (Centro del Riuso Permanente), led by Thomas Deavi, is transforming the concept of trash into the potential for reuse by providing the means to repurpose materials to radically change production models and create sustainable consumption. The Network for Reuse and Best Practices (La Rete del Riuso e delle Buone Pratiche), led by Michele Trainotti, is designing a Web platform to share and incentivize ecosustainable actions.