Welcome to 4 new companies!

Three of them in the "Innovation Factory", one settling in the Greenhouse. From wooden buildings to the philisophy of the makers with 3D printing. The creative family within Progetto Manifattura is growing with Anna Campetti's Collective, a handicraft textile printing atelier using the traditional silk-screen printing method with a loom and water-based non-toxic inks. Further Indea, who has put on the market a solar system already designed and developed in a hybrid form so that heat and electricity can be produced simultaneously, a new way to conceive the solar energy both in the technology and the simplicity in the installation. Construction of wooden buildings is the art of Sintec Home who combinescomfort of living with respect for the environment. Finally Witted: an innovative company who is putting the final touch to an integrated system of the waste managment in private homes and, on the other hand, using and teaching how to use 3D printers. Take note: 3D printer courses will start in September 2013 in cooperation with Progetto Manifattura.