Students of Fontana institute to update diary of Progetto Manifattura

Starting in February 2013 the items in the page Worksite Diary will be prepared by the students of the "Fontana" Technical and Economics High School of Rovereto. The collaboration brings  students to visit Progetto Manifattua periodically, afterward they prepare an essay about the work in progress.

The collaboration is useful to students because they are preparing for technical careers. This practical experience adds to their classroom studies. During their visits students meet with project technicians and managers to study up close the concepts of how to remodel historic buildings, plan energy efficiency upgrades, redesign use of space, and work on urban and economic renewal. They also get a chance to understand how to work with the historic building commission and city government.

The collaboration got its start in spring 2012 and was first presented during the Street of Artisans event.


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