A new video about Progetto Manifattura provides a brief audio-visual introduction to the green innovation factory: economic motives, architectural plans, and energy strategy.

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[[wysiwyg_imageupload:209:]]Green Drinks Rovereto to Progetto Manifattura on April 16 at 6 p.m. Join us to meet people interested in greening the economy.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:214:]]The Hub Rovereto will present a workshop on ecodesign Thursday 12 April 6-8 pm. The event - organized with the support of Progetto Manifattura - is being produced in collaboration with The Hub Madrid and The Hub Siracusa. The event will be broadcast in Web streaming in the Madrid and Syracuse locations.

For more information contact: nicola.cerantola@ecologing.es or visit: www.ecologing.es.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:206:]]Bio Soil Expert, the company born from Premio D2T startup funding form Trentino Sviluppo, wins the “best Italian startup prize” in the agro-food section of AGRIstart Up, a competition promoted by Agriventure. Bio Soil Expert stood out over the 20 finalists and 100 projects that entered. The 30,000 Euro prize was presented by Intesa Sanpaolo general director Marco Morelli. Also present at the ceremony Mario Catania, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forests.

It was a great satisfaction for the three young entrepreneurs who started the company, which has developed a system for using plants and microorganisms to clean up contaminated soil, handle hydro-geological instability, and safeguard streams in agricultural areas. It’s a success that Bio Soil Expert will seek to capitalize on as it continues the process of incubation in Progetto Manifattura’s Green House.

Three more companies joined Progetto Manifattura this March. Biosoil Expert, NeveXN e a Q-field are now open for business in the Green House incubation space. The new companies have the characteristics of business that can find a niche in the ecosustainable economy, with local impact and potential for international appeal.


Biosoil Expert, by Andrea Zerminiani, Paolo Campostrini and Alberto Ferrarese, intends to provide solutions that alleviate hydrogeological instability and soil pollution using biotechnologies applied to specific plants.

NeveXN, by Francesco Besana, Anna Vanzo and Fabiano Maturi, develops pumps for making snow at temperatures over 0°C, as well as desalination of water, cooling and refrigeration. The team plans to employ energy from biomass and thermal solar sources.

Q-Field, by Marco Malossini e Vincenzo Cribari, offers landscape architectural solutions using systems based on renewable energy sources.

Casual conversation and a free drink to hear about the experiences of innovative companies doing great work on sustainability. It's a great way to get to know the people in the field. Green Drinks Rovereto will be held for the first time on March 12 at 6 p.m. at Progetto Manifattura.


The meeting will get started with a brief presentation by Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil the winner of the first "FARE GREEN" award in 2010.

To find out more visit www.progettomanifattura.it/greendrinks.

The next dates are:

  • 16 April – Francesco Zago, Direttore Cartiera Villa Lagarina – P-one
  • 14 May – Stefano Wegher, CEO, Rotaliana
  • 11 June – Lino Matteo Tosoni, Product Line Director, Far Systems, Gruppo Tosoni
  • 9 July – Marco Merler CEO, Dolomiti Energia

Green Drinks is a worldwide organization that brings together people interested in environmental and ecosustainable ideas to share their experience and enthusiasm. Per information see www.greendrinks.org

On Feb. 23 the Association of Trentino Architects held at Progetto Manifattura to discuss the concept of urban renewal. Headlining the event was the renowned architect Kengo Kuma, who presented the preliminary project for the new light manufacturing area that uses wood for the structure as well as other locally sorced materials. Rovereto Mayor Andrea Miorandi discussed his views on this and similar projects that will modernize significant parts of the city over the next several years. He expressed appreciation for the new Leno waterfront which will establish a new relationship between the city and its rivers.

The video (in Italian, except for Kuma who speak in English) provides an overview of the evening’s theme and the technologies that will make the new infrastructures eco-sustainable.

In February a new company called R∞ joined Progetto Manifattura. The founder is Rocio Del Pilar Benavides B.

R∞ is takes discarded objects – come bikes, furniture, lamps, and other stuff  – and turns them into designer objects, integrating a variety of used and new materials.

Proof-of-concept is in the table designed for a coffee break area in Progetto Manifattura.


More than 180 people attended the presentation of the Preliminary Design of the new production area by Kengo Kuma. The design marks an important step in the rebirth of the historic tobacco plant, part of a larger urban renewal program for the City of Rovereto.

The importance of the theme brought together the association of Trentino architects, Progetto Manifattura and the City of Rovereto to organize the presentation of Kuma's design and a discussion of its merits. Standout concepts came for architectural plans, the use of local materials (notably wood), and the technical solutions chosen to reduce by 30 percent the amount of energy consumed, as well as the use of rainwater to cover 80 percent of the complex's need.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:170:]]Production of food is also in the plans, with hydroponics and greenhouses on the green roof.

Another strong contribution to the ecosustainability of the project is the Green Travel Plan. The project is reducing the number of parking spaces required by current norms by 40 percent as the plan foresees integrating and augmenting public transport with low and zero emission vehicles.

Making presentations were provincial assessor Alessandro Olivi, Rovereto mayor Andrea Niorandi, and the president of the local architect's association Alberto Winterle.

Assessor Olivi expressed appreciation for Progetto Manifattura for its contribution to revitalizing the local economy. Mayor Miorandi highlighted the urban planning aspects of the project, especially the opening of new public spaces along the Leno riverfront.

The Board of the City of Rovereto held its weekly meeting at the ex Manifattura Tabacchi to learn more about recent advancements in the project. Gianluca Salvatori, president of Progetto Manifattura, illustrated the project, focusing on five central ideas.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:161:]]1. The project regenerating the potential for production based on sostainablility priniciples.

2. Architectural redesign is modernizing an historic facility while providing a place for local construction industry to upgrade its practices.

3. Reconnecting the Manifattura production area to the city provides a new kind of integrated living/working space.

4. A distinctive architecture and worklife will provide Rovereto with internatinoal recognition.

5. Progetto Manifattura will become a place where ecosustainable concepts can be seen in action, offering the public a means of participating directly in important social and economic changes.

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