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Three more companies joined Progetto Manifattura this March. Biosoil Expert, NeveXN e a Q-field are now open for business in the Green House incubation space. The new companies have the characteristics of business that can find a niche in the ecosustainable economy, with local impact and potential for international appeal.


Biosoil Expert, by Andrea Zerminiani, Paolo Campostrini and Alberto Ferrarese, intends to provide solutions that alleviate hydrogeological instability and soil pollution using biotechnologies applied to specific plants.

NeveXN, by Francesco Besana, Anna Vanzo and Fabiano Maturi, develops pumps for making snow at temperatures over 0°C, as well as desalination of water, cooling and refrigeration. The team plans to employ energy from biomass and thermal solar sources.

Q-Field, by Marco Malossini e Vincenzo Cribari, offers landscape architectural solutions using systems based on renewable energy sources.





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