Progetto Manifattura srl moves from its offices above Trentino Sviluppo in via Zeni to the Manifattura's Zigherane building.

Habitech moves its offices to Manifattura.

Green Building Council Italia opens its headquarters at Manifattura.

An area for preincubation of startups is being readied. Soon offices, infrastructure and services will be in place for companies in the early phases of operation.

The Rovereto offices of COSBI, The Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology, will be ready in summer of 2011.

Zigherane building. New occupants of the site will soon be getting high-speed internet access.

Work begins on the new Manifattura. The renewal project by architect Fabrizio Capuzzo (Trento) for 2500 square meters of the main "Zigherane" building has the aim of hosting the early nucleus of companies: Habitech, Green Building Council, the Sofie consortium, Progetto Manifattura, the MIT-FBK research group, as well as The Hub Rovereto.


Habitech is Italy's nationally recognized cluster for green building, renewable energy, and sustainable transport. The cluster develops projects, offers services for innovation, as well as technical and commercial support for businesses.

Activity area: 
Green building consultancy
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GBC Italia - Green Building Council Italia

Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia) is a non-profit association that is part of the international GBC network. It is a member of the World GBC and partner of USGBC.

Activity area: 
Green building
+39 0464 443452
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