Progetto Manifattura certified by Unioncamere as "Innovative Incubator"

Progetto Manifattura is the first cleantech-incubator certified in Italy. Today there are 100 incubators all over Italy, but only 26 of them have received the certification following the procedures of Unioncamere, the national Chamber of Commerce organisation. The certification has been based on the law 221 (known as “Decree for growth) of 2012 with the goal of incentivating the implementation of eccellence-incubators.

 “This well-earned reward underlines the professional work we are operating within Progetto Manifattura” says Gianluca Salvatori who has invented and managed the incubator in its 5 years of activity, “and it allows us to attract further start-ups and obtain trust from investors of Italy and from the rest of the world.”

The added value of this certification becomes obvious when combined with the new measures of the Italian Ministry, the Italia Startup Visa which consists in a new procedure of entrance-visa – quick and simple – thought for entrepreneurs from other countries who want to create a startup company in Italy.

The main attraction of this measure is that companies who are settling within a certified incubator get special benefits, which explains the interest of Progetto Manifattura. This means the opportunity to attract “masterminds” in Trentino and, in the same time, increase the international network.

Who is going to be the first cleantech-startup from abroad to benefit from this initiative?