Business incubation formulas

Progetto Manifattura is a business innovation centre that operates primarily in the fields of green building/eco-sustainable building, renewable energy, and technologies for monitoring the environment and managing natural resources.

The primary aim of the project is to create an industrial cluster, specialized in the fields of environment sustainability and clean technology, that provides tailored services and opportunities for business growth.

A business campus is being built dedicated to eco-sustainability and environmental technologies –  with research, training, technical assistance and networking activities – serving, moreover, as an area dedicated to testing and implementing innovative ideas in the fields of architecture, engineering, plant projects and energy supply.

The nine hectares of the former tobacco factory in Rovereto, Progetto Manifattura not only provides the physical space for innovative companies, but also supports and facilitates the development of ideas and projects for creating products within the framework of eco-sustainable growth. In particular, Progetto Manifattura provides companies (already founded or in start-up phase) with the following:

  1. fully equipped, ready-to-use office space;
  2. consulting services and training;
  3. market research tools and know-how;
  4. marketing and promotional activities for the cluster;
  5. sharing of business culture and know-how;
  6. assistance in finding and obtaining financing.

The project offer of providing business locations is designed to host different typologies of companies, from the tertiary sector to light industry, and has been conceived to meet a variety of organizational structures and formats. The space provided is tailored according to the final user needs and made available both to newly-created companies and to consolidated firms searching for innovative opportunities for development.

Thanks to its environment dedicated to promoting collaborative projects and partnerships,  Progetto Manifattura is the ideal location to test out, produce, and share know-how and innovative skills. It welcomes both manufacturing and service sector companies, which are sensitive to a responsible use of environmental and energy resource, that are developing products and services to meet the new demands arising from the demographic, social and economic transformations characteristic of our age.

As an eco-sustainability focused centre, Progetto Manifattura does not restrict its activities to within the perimeter of the old factory, but rather has been as conceived an “open” project inspired by the concept of an open-minded approach to innovation.

This is the reason why the companies which locate to Progetto Manifattura are asked to be proactive in the creation of the cluster, contributing with their skills and ideas to a business community based on shared technical interests and strategic visions. Progetto Manifattura is a spin off project/natural evolution of Habitech - an environment and energy technology district - with which it works closely.

Regarding the support provided to companies, Progetto Manifattura operates in both the start-up and consolidation phases, promoting innovative environmental sustainability projects. The already constituted or start-up companies which locate at Manifattura are not necessarily required to be high-tech, however, demonstrating an innovative capacity in designing products or services, or in production or organizational processes is essential.