Big step forward for urban renewal in Rovereto

More than 180 people attended the presentation of the Preliminary Design of the new production area by Kengo Kuma. The design marks an important step in the rebirth of the historic tobacco plant, part of a larger urban renewal program for the City of Rovereto.

The importance of the theme brought together the association of Trentino architects, Progetto Manifattura and the City of Rovereto to organize the presentation of Kuma's design and a discussion of its merits. Standout concepts came for architectural plans, the use of local materials (notably wood), and the technical solutions chosen to reduce by 30 percent the amount of energy consumed, as well as the use of rainwater to cover 80 percent of the complex's need.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:170:]]Production of food is also in the plans, with hydroponics and greenhouses on the green roof.

Another strong contribution to the ecosustainability of the project is the Green Travel Plan. The project is reducing the number of parking spaces required by current norms by 40 percent as the plan foresees integrating and augmenting public transport with low and zero emission vehicles.

Making presentations were provincial assessor Alessandro Olivi, Rovereto mayor Andrea Niorandi, and the president of the local architect's association Alberto Winterle.

Assessor Olivi expressed appreciation for Progetto Manifattura for its contribution to revitalizing the local economy. Mayor Miorandi highlighted the urban planning aspects of the project, especially the opening of new public spaces along the Leno riverfront.