Internationalizing Progetto Manifattura

This is a week of internationalization for Progetto Manifattura. In addition to translating/subtitling a video, and producing a marketing brochure, Progetto Manifattura is releasing the English translation of the project master plan.

The master plan is the work of an extraordinary team of architects, engineers, and economists that builds on the invaluable input of local stakeholders. The master plan provides the groundwork for a multi-year effort to create a green technology platform in Rovereto, Italy. This platform will rise from the footprint of an historic tobacco factory that is a local symbol of economic power and social advancements.

Progetto Manifattura is designed to be a place for igniting ideas, testing new ways of working, and launching new companies and products. The master plan provides a vision for converting 150-year-old buildings into energy efficient spaces that will enable the creative workplace of the 21st century. It also foresees new, flexible light-manufacturing facilities built to the highest energy efficiency standards.

In short, Progetto Manifattura is designed to be a major hub for green technology innovation in Italy. It will attract companies and laboratories to provide jobs for highly skilled professionals and technicians. But most importantly, it will anchor and grow important economic sectors like green building, renewable energy and environmental technology in the Province of Trento.

So much for the overview. You’ll get a lot better idea by reading the master plan yourself. It’s an attractive book, and a beautiful vision. Good reading.