Worksite diary

It will take around eight years to complete restructuring of existing buildings and build new structures at Progetto Manifattura. This page covers progress at the site.

Starting in February 2013 the items under Diario di Cantiere will be prepared by the students of the "Fontana" Technical and Economics High School of Rovereto. By making frequent visits to the worksites of Progetto Manifattura, the students observe the transformation of the project. Because they are preparing for technical careers, knowhow in historic buildings, energy efficiency upgrades, design of space, urban renewal, and economic renewal is critically important.

01 | 06 | 2013

A sequence of immages from autumn 2012 to spring 2013 show the demolition of the industrial buildings of the Manifattura Tobacco plant.

As forseen in the preliminary project by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the industrial buildings were torn down to provide space for an underground parking garage and new ecosustainable production modules of wood and alluminium modules. Covering the modules will be a green roof accessible for pedestrians and bicycles.

03 | 12 | 2012

In October and November experts performed tests on the external walls and some internal rooms of the Zigherane building. The investigation was performed to reveal the layers of paint and to discover, if possible, the original colors and decorations used.

demolition of industrial buildings
27 | 09 | 2012

For the next few months, workers will be using machines with strong pincers to demolish the buildings in the area the master plan calls Area B. In accordance with LEED certification requirements, the materials from the demolition waste will be recycled to at least 75%, with a goal to achieve more than 90%.

07 | 07 | 2012

We recovered from buildings that will be demolished a large number of lamps that will soon be used in the temporary remodel of first three floors of the Orologio building. Also removed for future reuse were various systems that will be installed in the new production area, in particular the fire sprinker pump, mobile office walls, and other materials.

13 | 03 | 2012

Ash was removed from the incinerator and adjacent chimney which had burned mostly residue from cigarette production. The removal makes way for engineering tests needed prior to restoration of the symbolic chimney.


06 | 03 | 2012

Trentino Network placed the last tract of fiber optic cable. Completion of the network will give Progetto Manifattua a faster and more stable Internet connection.

01 | 02 | 2012

A transportation study was completed recently by Caire, the company working for the City of Rovereto to produce a new urban mobility plan. The study analyzed the impact on traffic from the planned repurposing and remodelling of Progetto Manifattura. The conclusion: "...the system is able to absorb traffice induced by the project without perceptible worsening...."


25 | 01 | 2012

As part of structural checks of existing buildings, the sky bridgest were tested for their ability to handle static stress.


16 | 01 | 2012

Testing has begun to check the structural of building foundations. 


20 | 09 | 2011

Workers recently cleaned up a water canal that supplied mechanical power to the Manifattura in the earliest years of production (mid to late 1800s). Decades of sediment and waste were removed for disposal.

15 | 09 | 2011

To prepare for future work environmental studies are being conducted on the soil and groundwater beneath Manifattura. Where there is a long history of industrial activity, it is customary to check for potential contaminants prior to construction work.

07 | 07 | 2011

An area for preincubation of startups is being readied. Soon offices, infrastructure and services will be in place for companies in the early phases of operation.

04 | 07 | 2011

Work moves forward on connecting Manifattura buildings to the city sewage system. For decades the former tobacco plant operated an internal treatment facility. It was shut down when the plant closed in 2008.

14 | 04 | 2011

The Rovereto offices of COSBI, The Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology, will be ready in summer of 2011.

12 | 04 | 2011

12 April 2011 - The Engineering and Architecture Faculty of the University of Trento presents a model of the Manifattura at Milan's "Fuori Salone" expo.

08 | 04 | 2011

8 April 2011 - Sergio Zaninelli (former Rector of Università Cattolica Milano) presents the results of the reorganization of the archives Rovereto's former Manifattura Tabacchi. The archives contain materials from World War I to the end of tabacco production in 2008.

07 | 04 | 2011

Progetto Manifattura, Trentino Sviluppo and the University of Trento signed an agreement for the buildings CiMeC will restructure and use.

21 | 03 | 2011

Trentino Sviluppo, Progetto Manifattura and the Universiyt of Trento signed a contract for long-term lease of 15,000 square meters of office and laboratory space. The area is distined host the new seat of  CiMeC, the interdepartmenta Mind-Brain research center of  the University di Trento.

10 | 03 | 2011

Progetto Manifattura inaugurates the opening of 3,000 square meters of temporary offices in the historic Zigherane building.

02 | 03 | 2011

The tender for remodelling the Zigherane building was published in the official gazette of the EU.