The aim of Progetto Manifattura is to reach the highest levels of sustainability during restoration and reconstruction of historic buildings, as well as in management of all the campus buildings. To this end, the project is following the LEED® certification system. For new buildings, he goal is to reach the highest level of sustainability certification, LEED Platinum. This means hitting objectives in seven areas:

  • Site Sustainability
  • Water Management
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Materials and Resources
  • Internal Environmental Quality
  • Design Innovation
  • Regional Priorities

Moreover, the project goes by beyond LEED  standards by looking at ways to introduce or increase the environmental sustainability. Examples of this are on-site production or local sourcing of food, lessening the project's lifecycle "carbon footprint", and the implementation of a mobility plan integrated with the city.

The check list below shows the credits foreseen in the present design. The final design will have to further develop the preliminary design's ideas in order to obtain the desired credits, as much as actual construction and remodeling will have to follow the indicated designs.

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