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Aersafe is an innovative start-up that deals with sanitation, purification and monitoring of indoor air quality.

The COVID-19 emergency has taught us how essential air free from pathogens is for health. Understanding this market need, the new company has developed (and patented) a device that wants to introduce an innovation in the field of air sanitation: through the use of a copper electro-filter equipped with a self-washing system with sterile and distilled water, the product brings multiple advantages over the competition. First of all, the copper metal used in the electro-filter guarantees a high biocidal and antimicrobial action. Car wash with sterile water eliminates the need for human activity to clean the filter, thus minimizing the risk of environmental contamination or staff contagion, a more critical aspect of the other solutions on the market. In order to further minimize human interventions, a UV sterilization technology is used that allows the water present in the device to be reused and recycled in maximum safety. Secondly, Aersafe technology does not produce waste and special waste, which represent a cost and a risk for the realities that have to rely on air filtration systems.

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