DOLPI - Made in Dolomiti

The world’s first pair of “made-in-Dolomites wooden glasses: DOLPI is a green product with a design and a history deeply rooted in the territory that deserves to be told

The world’s first pair of glasses made by using the wood of the trees growing in the Dolomites, a UNESCO’s World Heritage site, has a strong identity, deeply rooted in the territory. These glasses are called DOLPI, a combination of the Italian words DOLomiti (Dolomites) and alPI (Alps), and they are the world’s only made-in-Dolomites and PEFC-certified wooden glasses, bearing the label of the Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification scheme, which ensures the sustainable use and management of forestry resources.

It is not by chance that the designer and developer of the original glasses DOLPI is a local enterprise involved in the design and construction of high-quality timber buildings with X-lam technology, which features incredible environmental performance and very low energy consumption levels.

The use of local timber and renewable materials has become a must for the architects and workers of the company. The know-how gained in the construction sector has provided the possibility to develop a new entrepreneurial activity, launching a project that has combined technology and eyewear craftsmanship to design and manufacture the world’s first “green” glasses. The final product is comfortable (with a weight of only 24 g) and has a linear design that makes it suitable to women and men of all ages. The development of DOLPI could count on the involvement of an exceptional designer, Lucio Stramare, an international expert of fashion trends who has been working in the eyewear industry for more than 20 years.

Activity area: 
Wooden frames for glasses
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