With the goal to enlarge the support Trentino Sviluppo is giving to the companies settled within Progetto Manifattura and Polo Meccatronica, the company has signed a number of partnerships with external consultants, here is their list and their specializations:


Achab Sviluppo

Achab Sviluppo is a spin-off company from the Achab Group, a leading network in Italy in the field of marketing, consultancy, planning, and project implementation for information and awareness-raising campaigns on topics such as environmental protection and ecology. The agreement with Progetto Manifattura includes specialised coaching courses in the fields of communication and marketing.


Action - Association of Cleantech Incubators of New England (USA)

Progetto Manifattura works in partnership with ACTION (Boston - USA).

ACTION – the Association of Clean-Tech Incubators of New England - is the leading network in the US and shares with Progetto Manifattura the common purpose of speeding up the growth and increasing the success of companies in their start-up stage, as well as strengthening the regional district of clean tech, and creating new jobs in the green economy sector.

The partnership has the aim of developing its own Greenhouse incubator and widening the services and market opportunities offered to the enterprises headquartered in the former Manifattura Tabacchi. The partnership wishes to pool the skills and technical resources of the participants of both networks. The two clusters combined will offer a wider market access and a higher number of resources. In particular, the partnership will focus on the enterprises recently established in order to facilitate their access to new markets.


ADHOC management intervention

In 2014, Progetto Manifattura concluded a partnership agreement with the temporary management cooperative Ad Hoc – Interventi manageriali. The terms of the agreement allowed Ad Hoc to provide a full acceleration and consolidation programme to growing enterprises. After a preliminary business check-up, the experts of this temporary management cooperative elaborate, in partnership with Progetto Manifattura, an intervention plan aimed at solving the business issues identified in selected enterprises. The actions carried out at managerial level come at a regulated fee and in some cases the enterprises will have the possibility to apply to the grants eligible pursuant to Provincial Law 6/99.


APCO - Italian Professional Association for Management Consultants

APCO was started back in 1968 and is headquartered in Milan. It is a professional association that represents and certifies those who, in Italy, work as organisation and management consultants on a professional and continuous basis, It keeps a record of almost 300 members, whose skills are certified according to international standards that place them in a global network of high-skilled consultants working in 54 different countries scattered all over the World: another valuable tool to promote the internationalisation of start-up companies.



The unprecedented magazine of inquiry, news and reportage in Italian newsstands. A magazine of economics, finance, technology, foreign policy and culture that looks at the world through a green lens. To complete the editorial plan are rubrics, curiosity, book reviews, appointments you must not miss, travel and many practical tips. "BioEcoGeo in Trentino" devotes timely updates to companies associated with the Trentino Sviluppo system and in particular with Progetto Manifattura.



Bugnion provides the enterprises headquartered in Progetto Manifattura with an early guidance about industrial property issues and assistance to file a patent request and manage all bureaucratic procedures (patents, trademarks, design, etc.), as well as support in the field of contract law, licensing, technology assessment, and technology competitive intelligence analysis. Bugnion will be physically present in Trentino Sviluppo with a specific focus on Progetto Manifattura and Polo Meccatronica. It will visit its facilities at least once per month, provide support for the organisation of workshops and seminars, as well as offer a first evaluation meeting for free and a 20% discount on its services.


Business Angels Verona

Business Angels are a not-for-profit organization and has a total record of 141 members. It is present in eight Italian cities (Verona, Milan, Vicenza, Treviso, Udine, Florence, Padua, and Catania) and has already analysed 200 projects, financing 16 of them. It works to promote new entrepreneurship initiatives to play a part in job creation and the economic success of the financed enterprises.

The mission of this association is fostering the research and development related to new entrepreneurial ideas by providing its skills and, when considered valuable, risk equity.


GCCA - Global Cleantech Cluster Association (USA)

Progetto Manifattura is partner of GCCA (Global Clean-Tech Cluster Associations).

With more than 30 partners all over the world, GCCA represents thousands of enterprises working in the field of environmentally friendly technologies. The association offers the opportunity of exchanging skills and opportunities among similar organisations and gives access to a well-structured network of partnerships. Furthermore, it helps enterprises getting in touch with other enterprises and investors coming from all over the World.


Greenjobs is a non-for-profit job listing platform that aims at fostering the matching of the demand and supply of labour as regards green economy and non-for-profit professions. The common denominator of the professions hosted on Greenjobs is the fact that only listings of companies or organisations working in the following fields are eligible to be published:

Clean energy 
Ecology and environment
Non-for-profit sector
Organic farming
Other fields related to sustainability, environment or social responsibility

Also employment agencies have the possibility to publish their announcements on Greenjobs, provided that they hire for companies working in the green economy.

Gruppo Finservice

It’s a consultancy company specialised in facilities for industrial enterprises at european, national and regional level; non refundable loans, tax breaks, energy and exemption of excise duties: these are the motors that fuel the daily work of more than 180 professionals assisting more than 7000 companies that have chosen to get incentives and contributions in support of its business development.


Italia startup

Italia Startup is an association that gathers all people who strongly believe in relaunching Italy as a country. It is made up of entrepreneurs, investors, industry managers, start uppers, public bodies, and companies that pledged to play an active role in the economic and social transformation of Italy. Established in 2012, the association works as an independent and shared platform where ideas, projects, and strategies can be collected in order to provide Italy with a competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem that can embrace and boost innovation.


Lalà is a video production outlet specialised in multimedia storytelling. Its offices are located in Milan and Rovereto. It publishes content designed both for the Internet and the TV and it works with big and small enterprises by developing communication and advertising concepts. Lalà offers services that cover all the possible needs of its customers: from an assessment of the brief, product, and target – with the help of pundits of the sector – to the development of the creative concept and its packaging.

Furthermore, it is an innovative start-up company that devotes part of its activities to the study and research of new communication languages.

Lalà is the product of the experience gathered by Non Chiederci La Parola (Don’t Ask us the Word), a cultural association specialising in video productions for non-for-profit organisations that was launched in Milan on March 8, 2008.

Its name, Lalà, is the condensation of the two feminine articles included in the name ”Non Chiederci La Parola”.

Progetto Manifattura is part of the Italian platform, which allows potential investors and enterprises to find start-up companies in which to invest by providing them with all the information needed to transparently evaluate them.

The choice of joining this partnership has to do with the wide network of this group: 4,700 potential investors with a total estimated investment capacity of more than 100 million euros and 10 million of interest displays already shown. There are several success stories that may be quoted, such as that of Inoxsail, an innovative boat and sail manufacturer. Inoxsail has a target of 75,000 euros in exchange for 14% of its equity and, in the end, it received the backing of 9 investors and collected almost 110,000 euros. In the ICT field, the most interesting case is that of Wanderio, an online booking service that allows users to book all single legs of a journey on one platform. Its target was set at 100,000 euros in exchange for 17% of its equity, but in the end it collected more than 270,000 euros from 15 investors.



Spinnvest provides tutoring and support to the initiatives of spin-off and start-up companies that have entrepreneurial projects in the fields of clean tech, biotech, and health care, offering both financial services and management support.

In addition to searching for enterprises working in the field of clean tech that could potentially be interested in making investments and putting them in touch with the enterprises headquartered in Progetto Manifattura, Spinnvest is involved also in mentorship and basic training activities for recently established enterprises, such as:

  • team building
  • market research
  • business prototyping
  • business model
  • go-to market strategy
  • action plan 
  • investor relations.



In May 2014, Progetto Manifattura concluded a strategic agreement with Unicredit S.p.A. to jointly develop new support strategies for start-up companies. The purpose of the partnership is to foster a fruitful exchange of views on innovative technology to encourage synergies among start-up companies, in a perspective of sustainability and international openness. By combining the know-how of Progetto Manifattura with the mentoring skills and market knowledge of Unicredit, the aim is to foster the growth of the most promising enterprises. This partnership will be particularly valuable for the enterprises involved in Progetto Manifattura, since they will gain access to the tools made available to start-up companies by Unicredit, starting with Start Lab, the acceleration scheme targeting new enterprises belonging to all sectors. In addition to a financial reward, this scheme also offers support activities such as mentorship, network development assistance, and targeted training programmes.



WeAreStarting is an equity crowd-funding portal that facilitates investing in promising and innovative Italian enterprises. It selects the best enterprises and then it gives them visibility by introducing them to its users, who can directly invest in the company and become their members. Innovative start-up companies and SMEs registered in a special section of the Enterprise Registry may collect capital through online tools. Anyone can invest and become members of the innovative enterprises displayed, from professional investors to small savers.