Is the green economy unstoppable?

According to Andy Mannle, Education Director, for West Coast Green, there are 10 reasons that the green economy is unstoppable. Here’s the gist: We won’t be going green because of legislation; we’ll go green because it’s better and cheaper. green car A quick summary of some of the great things the green economy will achieve:
  1. Green buildings don’t just save energy, they save money.
  2. Technology will create smart cities that are more efficient.
  3. Electrical production is going local and creating jobs.
  4. Electrical cars aren’t just cleaner, they’re better for us.
  5. Local food production is healthier for people and communities.
  6. More water will be available for alternative uses with clean technologies.
  7. Business models are changing to reflect the cost of environmental damage.
  8. New leadership and communication strategies are helping us rethink our dirty ways.
  9. Social responsibility, non just profitability, is becoming the norm for corporations.
  10. Urban planners are putting together technologies and strategies to make better cities.
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