3 New & Partners

3 New & Partners SpA, a holding company which invests in the development of wind and hydroelectric plants parks in Italy, is a company directly controlled by 3 New, 50%, and an investment fund managed by Ardian, for another 50 %.  Today 3 New & Partners owns, through various subsidiaries, wind and hydropower parks already in operation, as well as other projects of renewable energy plants under development or construction, with a total gross power that stands beyond 386 MW.

3 New Ltd.

3 New Ltd. (formerly TreSolar), is a 100% subsidiary of an investment fund managed by Ardian, a European leader in investment in venture capital with assets managed or advised by Euro 60 billion. The company, which acts as a holding company, is the holder of an active plant portfolio (Wind, PV, Hydro, Biomass), also through its subsidiary 3 New & Partners, for a total installed power of about 462 MW. The portfolio controlled by Ardian ranks among the leading Italian operators in the sector of energy from renewable sources.

A2A Rinnovabili SpA

A2A Rinnovabili develops, manufactures and manages systems, in particular photovoltaic systems, for the production of renewable energy. 

The company is part of the A2A Group, the biggest Italian multi-utility that is at the top of the energy, environment, heat, networks and smart cities sectors.

AGSM Verona SpA

It is a holding company in the energy sector. Directly or through its subsidiaries AGSM deals with energy production 
(wind, hydroelectric, photovoltaic, cogeneration, district heating), distribution, marketing (energy, gas).

Anteo ltd.

It is a spin-off of the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, born in 2014 to provide specialist services in the field of sustainability. 

It promotes an environmental and social reconversion of the economy, accompanying companies in a strategic sustainability path and developing tailor-made SW applications. 

Azienda Solare Italiana SpA

It belongs to an important group - Antin Solar Investments - which operates in the production of energy from renewable sources, especially photovoltaics with a dozen plants in central and southern Italy.


The "climatically responsible" wooden house has always been in the history of man. Energy sustainability with the introduction of renewable energies and living comfort is Bahaus's primary goal.

BayWa r.e. Italia srl

It is the Italian holding company of the Italian activities of BayWa r.e. and owns companies that develop projects, provide investment and management structures for effective and sustainable wind and photovoltaic energy projects. Management skills, based on more than 15 years of experience in the wind energy industry, include identification, project development, management of authorization procedures, financing, procurement, construction and management of wind and photovoltaic parks.

BIKERTOP by Smart Mobility Solutions

It is an innovative start-up that deals with the development of solutions for sustainable mobility. The first product developed by Smart Mobility Solutions is the BikerTop, an innovative mobile cover for bicycles. It is a system that allows you to move freely by bike away from rain and bad weather. The BikerTop is designed primarily for travel in urban areas and stems from the observation that the use of bicycles in many cities of the world is increasing for travel home, business or leisure.

Bio Soil Expert

Bio Soil Expert provides turnkey solutions to solve problems such as hydro-geological instability and pollution in the ground and in the water. The company applied biotechnologies involving specific plants and micro-organisms.


The goal of CarboREM is to design and build industrial plants for the recovery of organic waste and residual wet biomass through an innovative process of exploitation of wet organic waste (eg sewage sludge, organic fraction of municipal solid waste, agricultural, agro-industrial and zootechnical residues) called hydrothermal conversion. This process transforms the waste into a solid carbon material, the hydrochar, which can be used:

1) as a biofuel for the production of energy;

2) as soil improver;

Casa Natura

Casa Natura aims to recover the structural origins of building materials through a sustainable approach as a fundamental essence for a responsible social transformation linked to the world of construction.

COSBI | The Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology

Founded in 2005 COSBI (acronym for Computational and Systems Biology) is a non-profit consortium with limited liability, whose shares are held by Microsoft Research to 50% and 50% by the University of Trento.

Cover App srl

The Cover App company has patented and produces "Cover App, the insulated sill in porcelain stoneware", a product particularly recommended for renovations.

Cover App is particularly useful and effective in the energy requalification of buildings by means of coat or not, as it allows the interruption of the thermal bridge created by the old windowsills made of various marble or stone.

Daunia Wind

It develops, manufactures, sells and maintains wind turbines and photovoltaic panels with the implementation of a territorial study for the integration of both small and high power wind and photovoltaic energy.

DOLPI - Made in Dolomiti

The world’s first pair of “made-in-Dolomites wooden glasses: DOLPI is a green product with a design and a history deeply rooted in the territory that deserves to be told


Eco-Sistemi provides innovative solutions for sustainable management of water resources, especially for purification of wastewater from urban areas, food industry and farming. Their solutions are especially useful in water treatment, reuse and use reduction in communities that are far from treatment plants and sewage systems. The company also develops plans for managing and upgrading existing treatment plants for cities and private companies.


Energenius is a start-up with high know-how and technological content, arising from the operational synergy between certified Energy Manager and experienced engineers in measuring, recording, processing and analyzing energy measurements.
Energenius's mission is to transform energy consumption into a new and powerful competitive factor at the service of its Customers.

The strategic advantages guaranteed by Energenius:

Energy S.r.l.

Energy ltd. started in 2013 as an innovative startup within Progetto Manifattura and has rapidly developed to become an SME in advanced sectors such as photovoltaic storage systems and graphene-based innovative materials.

It is currently the second Italian operator for storage systems. In 2016, a startup was opened in Silicon Valley and in 2017 in New Delhi. Recently, Energy has made the dimensional leap into larger accumulation systems: from residential to industrial to microgrid.

Escogito di Roberto Pisati

It is an innovative startup that is involved in developing a project for the recovery of industrial and civil heat for the production of electricity, in order to reduce consumption by using what otherwise would have been lost or unused.